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 Accessing myHDSB from Home
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Accessing myHDSB from Home

Not all apps linked from myHDSB will work using browsers other than IE.  However, all apps found on myHDSB work using the Explorer Browser.

To access myHDSB at home, go to www.hdsb.ca > staff > and follow the instructions posted in the middle of the page, myHDSB Staff Portal Access--Instructions on Accessing MYHDSB. This section walks the user on how to download using different browsers, we recommend printing them and then following them step by step.

If users have followed the process and are still  having issues logging into myHDSB from home we request that they contact the Information Centre either via CHATT or phone. The Information Centre officer tries to resolve the issue.  If the Information Centre is unable to resolve we request that the user fill out the below details which we then forward to the Server Techs/Engineers for troubleshooting:

1) Is it a PC or a Mac?
2) Is this their Board-laptop or their personal/home machine?
3) If using a PC, what anti-virus program do they have and are the signatures up-to-date?
4) If using a Mac, what version of OSX do they have installed?
5) Phone number you can be reached at by IT.

Once the Server Tech's receive the information they will contact the user to resolve the issue.

I hope that I have clarified the "perils of Trillium in the land of browsers" a bit and provided you with some information that you are able to provide to the end user via InfoTech.

Thank you.

Margaret Alecsievicz
Halton District School Board
905-335-3663 ext 3230