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Welcome to Ms Bristow's English & Social Science Course Web Page


"Without words,
without writing,
and without books
there would be no history,
there could be no concept of humanity."
- Hermann Hesse

About This Site:

Welcome to English.  This website will direct you to a variety of essential resources and information that pertain to the course(s) taught by Ms Bristow in which you are currently enrolled.  Please note Academic Clinics in all subject areas run weekly, and these are a great resource for extra help.   My office hours are by appointment: bristowc@hdsb.ca .  For information on homework help, please scroll down (see below). I look forward to our work together this semester and I hope you enjoy the course!  

Secondary Academic Standards

Students are responsible for providing evidence of their learning within established timelines. Due dates for assignments and the scheduling of tests will be communicated well in advance to allow students to schedule their time. Students who are unable to follow an agreed upon timeline are expected to demonstrate their responsibility and organizational skills by discussing with their teacher the challenges they are facing as far in advance of the deadline as possible.

As well as meeting due dates, students are responsible for being academically honest in all aspects of their schoolwork so that the marks they receive are a true reflection of their achievement.  Plagiarism is using the words, ideas or work of someone else without giving appropriate credit to the original creator. This is a form of cheating.
Consequences for not meeting these academic standards of meeting due dates and expectations of academic honesty may include:
  • Reporting the issue to parents / guardians;
  • Requiring the student to complete the original or alternative work after school or during a lunch hour;
  • Requiring the student to complete an alternative assignment;
  • Mark deduction of 5% per day;
  • Suspension;
  • Assigning a “zero” for an assignment not completed prior to an agreed upon closure date.
NOTE:  the complete HDSB policies and administrative procedures for “Lates and Missed Assignments” and “Cheating and Plagiarism” policies may be found at www.hdsb.ca

Until a student's assignments are completed and submitted to the teacher

they may go to any of the following clinics that suit their schedule:



Room #:


Before School


Resource Room,
Nelson Library


Educational Assisstants & SPED Staff,
Teacher Libriarian and Library Technician
After School


Resource Room


Educational Assistants & SPED Staff

Lunch Hour
by Appointment.

Room 116


English Dept.

Mon, Tues, Fri by appointment

Student Success Room 103 & Student Services

Student Services / Room 103

Ms. L. Devereux, Student Success Teacher.

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