Below you will find links to your science class websites.  Through these links you will be able to access all of the information you need for these classes.  In most cases you will find that a copy of every worksheet used in class can be downloaded and printed directly from the webpage.




If above link does not work -


You better do your homework, or my enforcer will come after you!


Science Teachers,

I no longer teach any primary science, so I have removed the links from this page that I previously had posted to those subjects (grades 1 through 4).  However, you need not fret, not only can you find everything you need at the link below, but also I have updated it to include scans of my full lesson plans as well as quizzes and tests.  Please pose any questions through that site, not my work e-mail.


Grade 7 Teachers,

This year my assignment changed, I now only teach science.  My units for the other subjects have been removed.  I am in the process of setting up my math units to be shared, but that will be the only subject, other than science, that I have available.