Mr. Kozbor's Grade 12 Chemistry
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What in the world isn't Chemistry?Welcome to Mr. Kozbor's grade 12 chemistry web site. This site will serve as a resource throughout the course for students to access notes, handouts, diagrams and more from any computer with Internet access. Parents may also follow along with what their children are learning in this university level course. The web page itself is divided up into units, each unit further expands into notes, handouts, objectives, etc. From here, students are able to access these materials and print, read or bookmark them for later use. I hope you find this site a valuable resource in taking this course, and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Overview of Units

Unit 1: Atomic Structure and Molecular Architecture
Unit 2: Organic Chemistry
Unit 3: Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction
Unit 4: Chemical Systems and Equilibrium
Unit 5: Electrochemistry
Unit 6: Final Assessment

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