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Place Value fun!

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Computer Time:

Step 1! Introduce yourself to your partner!
Step 2! Play rock paper scissors to see who gets to be 'clicker' first.
Step 3! Turn the volume OFF by clicking key on the keypad with the speaker that has no 'sound waves' coming out of it.  It should be beside the 'fast forward' button.
Step 4! Start working through the activities below in order!  Remember to take turns, complete the 'Whisper discussions' and the questions on your recording sheet!

1. Write your name and your partners' name on your recording sheet

Base Ten Blocks!

2. Base Ten Blocks: Play "Base Ten Fun" click here- Click "Read and Make".  Make the numbers shown using the base ten blocks on the screen.  Take turns with your partner.  Play until you each make 5 numbers correctly.
Reflect: Whisper-Discuss: How to base ten blocks help you understand the value of numbers?
Answer the question on the sheet.

3. Base Ten Bingo: Play Base ten bingo!  Click here to visit the site.  Click "go", then click on the "ones", "tens" and "hundreds".  They should all high coloured yellow now.  Click Go.
Select the 5x5 grid.  Take turns with your partner
Reflect: Whisper Discuss: How can you quickly count the number of base ten blocks?
Answer the question on the sheet

4. Fruit Shoot: Play by clicking  here. Play on "medium" or "hard", you may choose relaxed or timed mode.  Count the base ten blocks then shoot the fruit with the same number.  Take turns with your partner.
Reflect: Whisper discuss: How did you work together as a team
Answer the question on the sheet

Value of the Underline Digit!
Before you begin, discuss with your partner how each number represents a value.  For example in the number 158, the 5 represents 50 because it is in the tens column.  What does the 1 in 158 represent?  Once you have competed this whisper-discussion, begin the activities below.

5. Warm up: Play "Scooter Quest Junior" by clicking here  Help the boy deliver the papers to the correct houses using place value clues.  Take turns with your partner, each of you should get to be in charge of 'clicking' for one level, then switch.  You may help each other through the level.
Reflect: Whisper-Discuss: How does the value on a number change based on its' place in a number?
Answer the question on the sheet.

6. Math Man: Read the instructions and play math man.  The instructions will tell you which number "ghost" you should "eat". Take turns with your partner, complete one level then switch with your partner and let them complete.  You may help each other though!
Reflect: Whipser-discuss: What was challenging about this game? What was easy about the game?
Answer the question on the sheet

Creating numbers using place value:
7.  Place Value Penguins click here to play. Play "Level 2".  Take turns with your partner!
Reflect: Whisper-Discuss:  What numbers make up 593.  Choose your own number and quiz your partner! High five if you get it right!
Answer the question on your sheet.

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