Self Evaluation of Learning Skills and Work Habits
Thursday, September 23, 2010By: Lesley Mullins
Self Evaluation of Learning Skills and Work Habits

Procedure: To start the school year off, we are going towork on learning skills and work habits on a weekly basis, and by doing weekly self-evaluations of the learning skills.   We will also re-visit skills when necessary. This way, everyone will become familiar with the learning skills and develop an understanding of how to be successful when applying them!

After working on each learning skill individually, we’ll continue the process on a monthly basis filling out self-evaluations on all 6 skills monthly.

Instructions: When indicated, during a specific time in class, you will fill out your very own self-evaluation on each of the learning skills. Keep them in your portfolio for future use at the Student Lead Conference.

You can respond whichever way you would like, in full sentences or inpoint form. Be sure to be clear.

This document is a reflection and a communication between you and your teacher;it is not to evaluate your spelling, grammar or your hand writing.

Reflection and Objective


According to you, how are the learning process and self-evaluation of your work habits/learning skills beneficial?












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