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River Oaks Public School

About Me:
I figured it would probably be appropriate to give you a little bit of information about me and my background. I graduated from Brock University in 2009 with my bachelor of physical education & education. I began teaching right away. I started by teaching Grade 6 at W.H. Morden on Rebecca Street (in Oakville). This will be my fifth year at River Oaks. Just as I am passionate about teaching, I am also passionate about sports (who would have guessed it? A Phys. Ed. grad passionate about sports?). I coach the Senior Boys and Junior Boys basketball teams, as well as the Senior Girls volleyball team at River Oaks. I'm also the rotary physical education teacher for the intermediate grades.

Math Journals

I often assign math journal assignments which consist of an explanation of how to solve a particular math problem or concept.

If you wish to see the rubric which I use to assess these, go to my class homepage and download the text file.


Weekly Reading Log

I've attached a copy of our weekly reading log, so that if it is lost, a new copy can be downloaded and printed straight from here.
Weekly Reading Log Template.jpg

Lastly, below can be found a copy of the class schedule for 6-1 (my class).
6-1 schedule for 2014.jpg

1. Math
- Probability Fair, Tuesday, June 7
2. Speeches
- due June 1
3. Permission Forms and Payment for McMaster University Trip
- pay on cashless
- trip date is Wednesday, June 17
- medical consent forms NEED to be filled out and returned

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me.

Email: ottenb@hdsb.ca
School Phone Number: 905 842 7430